[PD] pdextended license (was: Keyboard shortcuts for "nudge", "done editing")

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Sep 27 16:23:15 CEST 2011

Le 2011-09-25 à 16:19:00, Marvin Humphrey a écrit :

> Thanks, but if I become a serious user, I hope to make substantial
> contributions to Pd at some point, and for various reasons my preference is to
> contribute to a BSD-licensed project over one that is licensed under the GPL.

I heard that it's GPL'd too, but I don't know what it applies to. Looking 
at a checkout of pdextended 42 (the last one in svn), nearly all license 
notices are BSD. The two exceptions are the notice in [expr~]'s source and 

In vanilla the only exception is [expr~].

Given that nearly all changes in pdextended are made with the intent of 
going to vanilla on vanilla's terms, and given that the license of 
existing code can't just be changed, I cannot really tell which part is 
covered by GPL3. What is said in about.pd is contradictory to the dozens 
of other notices.

> I was under the impression that Pd-extended consisted of augmentations to
> Vanilla.  Is it actually a fork?

How would you draw the line ? Everybody (and their cats) has their own 
idea of what the word «fork» ought to be used for. E.g. en.wikipedia says 
that a fork is the point at which a branch becomes two or more. Random 
slashdot dudes would say a fork is like a branch except done for... some 
kind of evil purposes... ;)

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