[PD] throw~ / catch~ versus send~ / receive~

Björn Eriksson miulew at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 15:27:00 CEST 2011

first time poster here at [PD] list...  been following the different threads
with big interest last weeks. I am somewhat a beginner at Pd and have
therefore maybe some trivial question.. that is .. what are the differences
between throw~ / catch~  and send~ / receive~ ?  For me they seem to work
equally well, either as "bus" sending or single audio signal send. There is
probably some fundamentally concept here I did miss. I see it´s marked on
the throw~object in the help, that it´s "summing bus" and the send~ object
does not have that marked.

Maybe I am doing wrong when I´m summing audiosignals together into a send~
object just by patching them together and should use the throw~object
instead, but just curious on why and how?**

Thankful for thoughts on this..

All the best,
Björn Eriksson
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