[PD] pix_video not working on Mac OS 10.6 ?

rene beekman r at raakvlak.net
Thu Sep 29 08:00:17 CEST 2011

I'm having problems getting pix_video to work with the build-in iSight
camera on my MacBook. There is no video in the gemwin, just a white
When I send it a message to open the control panel, GEM hangs (it
seems only GEM hangs, I get the beach ball when I hover over the
GemWin, but can still move and edit the Pd patch)

I've got this on 2 different machines, one 2007 black MacBook and one
white 2010 machine. Both run 10.6.8 with latest updates applied.

Does anyone else have this problem? Found a solution or even just a work-around?

This is coming at the worst of times when tomorrow I need to start
teaching a motion capture course...

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