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Mon Sep 19 10:14:28 CEST 2011

was added to Pd, it would be necessary to secure the consent of those authors
as well, any one of whom may refuse, or might not be available.  Relicensing
is hard.

But especially if writing a from-scratch alternative to expr is being
contemplated, I think it's commendable and wise for mr. bananas to at least
explore the possibility of achieving his objective via polite requests before
taking any other actions.

I don't think he should feel bad about that at all.  Indeed, that is the
community-friendly approach, attempting to keep development united.  I choose
to have faith that if expr's author receives a polite request regarding
relicensing, the response will also be polite, even if it is a rebuff.  If my
faith is misplaced and the response is instead an indignant flame, in my
opinion, that does not reflect poorly on mr. bananas.

There are those of us who are on the BSD side of the fence who also have
strong moral reasons for our choices.  You tend not to hear from us as often
because we feel you should have the freedom to GPL works which bundle ours,
just as you should have the right to release bundled software under
proprietary licenses.  Despite these strong beliefs, if I were to receive a
sincere request to relicense software I had written under a copyleft license,
I would not be offended and I would contemplate it in good faith.

Marvin Humphrey

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