[PD] Data structure array with last element pointing back to first element

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 3 11:27:03 CEST 2011

> The 1st circle is under the 2nd,

you mean, under the last one? (which makes sense, since they're drawn in  
creation order)

> and Pd currently registers a click with the object at the bottom.  But  
> is that a feature or a bug?

you mean the print coming from the vertex struct, giving the individual y  
values of each scalar in the array? that's a bit strange, never seen it.  
trying to adapt plot's help file doesn't replicate the behavior as well.

> Either way, if it's implementation specific it then writing the patch as  
> you suggest would work correctly under one implementation
> while it wouldn't the move the circle at all under the other.

hmm, am not really understanding what you mean. but I have to work on  
something else right now, can't do much more for the time being.


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>> wouldn't it be simpler to compare the value of the 1st point with the  
>> last one, without creating the new variables? it's too late now, can't  
>> give a concrete example.
>> or, this is a situation where a "change" identifier for arrays would  
>> come in very handy (which already exists for loose pointers). then the  
>> metro hack wouldn't be necessary.
>>> Here's a quick hack-- didn't check it for bugs.
>>> The real solution would be to add a "-c" flag to [plot] to draw the  
>>> trace back to element 0:
>>> [plot -c etc.]
>> -c is the same as curve, right? an extra parameter for the stepness of  
>> the bezier would also be nice
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