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Love the idea of this, but can't get it to work, using firefox and chrome on ubuntu. Not sure if this is any use to you. 

Let me know



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Hi all,
Earlier this year I got a Turbulence commission for a project called PuréeData, which is an instance of PureData on a server with a web-browser interface and an mp3 stream to hear the audio.  In essence it's a single shared patch accessible by the whole internets!
It's a work in progress, and there are some pretty obvious bugs right now, but it does actually work!  I just hope my server doesn't die now that it's been announced…
It uses the Pyata library by Jeraman to do the dynamic patching and a web.py server to host the site and manage the state.  It's pretty janky in a lot of technical ways, and so there are some important features that don't exist yet (like deleting objects!!).  I had wanted to try libpd as the backend but I guess it would still work the same way, i.e. with FUDI messages?
Anyway, check it out :D  All the codez is on github: https://github.com/virgildisgr4ce/PureeData  There's an issue tracker so by all means submit issues and feature requests, and if you are so inclined, clone the repo and set up a server yourself!  And of course, if you want to help improve PuréeData, I would love you forever!!
≤3 0x73DB07

Turbulence Commission: "PuréeData" by Ted Hayeshttp://turbulence.org/works/PureeData
[Optimized for Google Chrome]

"PuréeData" is a web-browser interface for a single shared sound environment that allows live, collaborative patching for anyone, anywhere. Visitors interact with a shared PureData audio synthesis patch and listen to the results as an MP3 stream, with no software to install or set up. The project is open-source, and all are encouraged to modify, improve and set up their own "PuréeData" servers.

"PuréeData" is a 2011 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence website. It was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.


Ted Hayes is a poet-inventor: conceiving objects and experiences that explore the sublime and the enigmatic through recombination and deconstruction. He is a proponent of what he has dubbed "Research Art," or art-as-science experiment, and actively investigates the themes, technologies and ramifications of autonomy, emergence, semiotics, pattern recognition, and neural networks. Ted's works range from a group of language-inventing robots to a mythological city-founding ritual for soprano and string quartet, is a graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. His operating principle is, in a word, poetry: to pique with enigma and confound with beauty.

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