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> Le 2011-10-06 à 15:46:00, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>>  Then there are cases like pdogg, where LICENSE.txt is GPL v2 but in 
> README.txt the author writes that the license is LGPL.
> Ok, this would be plain wrong, if it were the case. Then the author would have 
> to be contacted, in order to make things clear.
> However :
>   head -1 externals/pdogg/LICENSE.txt
> gives :

Ok, I got confused with "Library" vs. "Lesser"

LGPL v2 = GNU Library GPL
LGPL v2.1 = GNU Lesser GPL
LGPL v3.0 = most recent GNU Lesser GPL

Is that unambiguous?

> which means LGPL.
>>>  The distinction has to be made between «version 2 only» and «version 2 
> or later» and between «version 3 only» and «version 3 and later» (even when, in 
> that latter case, there is currently no version after 3).
>>  How do I figure this out from the files inside a given libdir?
> You can't. If it can make a difference for the Pd community, then the 
> authors of those files have to be contacted so that they rerelease the same 
> things with a more precise statement of license than just putting a LICENSE.txt 
> file there.
>>>  BTW, there are even cases where it just says GPL without version 
> number.
>>  I believe those cases are where the only info I had was a statement in a 
> README or somewhere that said "This software is released under the 
> GPL".

Ok, I'll see what I can do.

> Yeah. That's also the best you could do with the info that you didn't 
> have, but it still means that the info is incomplete.



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