[PD] Pd-extended 20011007 auto-build crashes with MIDI input

Pierre-Olivier Boulant po.boulant at free.fr
Sun Oct 9 01:06:39 CEST 2011

Same issue here.
Windows 7 64bit and 32bit with Akai LPD8 controler as input only. 
Haven't tested other controlers, looks like it's not due to a specific 
I got a window "wish error" "fail to register window class" or something 
like that.


On 08/10/2011 21:59, Joe Newlin wrote:
> Tested with Korg Nano Kontrol & then with Akai LPK-25 as MIDI Input 
> Device 1 (and only) on Windows 7. Pd immediately crashes when any MIDI 
> input is sent. No patch necessary to crash, it will do it with just 
> the PD message window open, though it will also crash with a patch 
> open, e.g. testtone.pd.
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