[PD] is Gem working in 0.43.1 Pd-extended for Linux?

onyx@onyx-ashanti.com onyxashanti at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 16:30:47 CEST 2011

thanks for getting back to me.
on my system there are two pd folders in /usr/lib.  /pd and /pd-extended.
 the pd-extended doesnt have a /packages folder whereas the /pd folder does.
 i found and commented the line you mentioned to no avail.  same issue.

<yes it does, but there's a trick. You have to edit the
<pd-extended/packages/linux_make/Makefile and comment out the
<"OPT_CFLAGS += -mtune=i686 -march=i386" line (around line 40).

<Works on archlinux, kernel 3.0, dual i686.

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