[PD] pd.tk in vanilla

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Oct 11 01:11:20 CEST 2011

Le 2011-10-10 à 20:31:00, fgadea a écrit :

> Hello,
> Recently I moved my patch to Vanilla since I was not using any Extended 
> externals.
> A consequence was that I am not able anymore to change the interfaz colours 
> in order to work with a low contrast screen by tweaking the pd.tk file.
> Is there a way to modify colours in Vanilla?

Pd-extended is not only about the externals : there are several extra 
features in it, that you won't find in vanilla.

Actually, it's also possible to run pd-extended without the bundled 
externals... if you are short on space, you can delete lots of folders in 

> This is just for my own use. I often get headache when looking for hours to a 
> white screen (it makes me frown constantly). Those who see my patch in their 
> machines they do so white with black lines with no problem.

Btw, have you also tried changing the brightness & contrast of your 
monitor(s) ? The white does not have to be flooding you...

I also tend to very much like bright-on-dark, but nowadays I also use 
dark-on-bright in equal amounts... it's not as bad as used to believe.

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