[PD] [PD-announce] /dev/art/#10 in Paris with Pure (AT) and Christophe André (FR) - Friday octobre, 14 (English version)

Jack jack at rybn.org
Thu Oct 13 23:49:54 CEST 2011

For people in Paris tomorrow.
In english ! ;)


_ Workshops at 2 pm
_ Conference/démo at 7 pm

__ with:

Heart Chamber Orchestra


Towards libre design
Conference proposed by Blackboxe

Conferences are hosted within the blackboxe open atelier,
in Théâtre de Verre, Paris.

__ Blackboxe collective open house programm:

_ Friday 14

14h Rep/Rap Workshop&  /dev/art/  Workshop
Discover and share about 3D printing, come and discuss about your own
Pure Data, SuperCollider, Arduino ... projects

7 pm PURE: Heart Chamber Orchestra

9 pm CHRISTOPHE ANDRÉ: Towards libre design
Conference proposed by Blackboxe

_ Sunday 16

6:30 - 7:00 pm Sangue Concert by Pierre Mourles.
Triangular exchange between voice, augmented accordion and elctronique
manipulations. Thanks to an installation based on real time sound
manipulation, Sangue paves its sinuous way between folk, experimental
and jazz music.

7:30 - 7:45 pm Fluxus demo
by Milovann Yanatchkov. Fluxus is about smoothing out a continuous
transitional process, such as a flowing creek, successive graphical
changes generated live.

_ Blackboxe / Théâtre de Verre
17 rue de la Chapelle, 75018 Paris
M° Marx Dormoy


Heart Chamber Orchestra

The Heart Chamber Orchestra is an audiovisual  performance
consisting of 12 classical trained musicians and the artist
duo TERMINALBEACH. Using their heartbeats, the musicians
control a computer composition and visualization environment.
They read  and play a real-time score from laptop screens
placed in front of  them.
« Heart Chamber Orchestra » will be performed in the festival
Electroni[k], Rennes, on the 13th october 2011.

PURE has been making electronic music under different monikers
since 1992. Working in the darker and heavier domains of the sonic
universe he creates hypnotic, soundtrack-like sound pieces using
a mix of electro-acoustic composition, sound synthesis,
and live electronics.
Since 2003 he co-develops and performs the award-winning
Heart Chamber Orchestra. His latest album "Ification"
was released on portuguese label Crónica.
In 2010 he received his Master degree in Computer Music
from the University of Plymouth.

Christophe André
Towards a libre design

Christophe André: born in 1979, is an activist designer.
He followed a double training: after having earned his
engineering degree, he chose to leave the world of industry
to develop other modes of production, in the Ecole Nationale
des Beaux Arts of Grenoble. Denouncing the design methods
objects which incorporates the principle of planned
obsolescence to control and reduce the life objects,
forcing in this way the consumption, he now realizes design
freedom objects, to reclaim the know-how, share,
raising the abstraction that surrounds our objects of
every day life, in order that we become responsible actors
in the world that we shape.

Meetings, discussion, sharing ideas between artists and developpers
(media art, hacking, performances)

The Blackboxe is an open atelier, on the hackerspace model.
Hosted in le Théatre de Verre, Paris.

Upgrade! Paris
The Upgrade! Paris sessions are organized by Incident.net.
They are public and monthly. Artists, researchers, architects,
theorists present during one hour their recent work.

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