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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Oct 14 21:18:47 CEST 2011

(replying to irc conversation between Maxime and Hans)

<_hc> maxster: how was the patching circle?
<maxster> _hc: when?
<maxster> pdmtl is sunday
<_hc> oh, I thought there was just one that happned

That's because maxster posted about the change of location of pdmtl, which 
was supposed to happen at the FouLab hackerspace, but maxster had made a 
mistake with the schedule and decided to relocate the upcoming meeting to 
Concordia university. You assumed that he was talking about a current 
event. That was some minutes before I posted on pd-announce saying « 16 
octobre », because I was waiting for maxster's cue.

<maxster> not that much of a patching circle, more of a show and tell

There is always an aspect of giving patching tips to each other, but the 
fact is that the show-and-tell aspect of it is really driving the group. 
Part of it is because I expect it to be that way, and part of it is 
because people expect me to take the lead. I figure that if there were 
really a need for patching together in those meeting, someone would make a 
serious proposition and it would become a big item on the schedule. I have 
often said that people can propose other things than presentations 
(performances, tutorials, roundtables, patching, etc.) but I often say 
just « presentations » because of the habit of rarely ever having other 
things on the schedule. No matter what's in the schedule, chit-chat 
usually fills until the meeting becomes longer than the planned 240-minute 
span. I might call it chit-chat but it's usually on-topic.

Btw I just updated the collection of all announcements to include all past 
meetings (now there are 43 instead of 30). It doesn't include all the 
errata and addenda though. The list of links is in the middle of this 
page :


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