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Marvin Humphrey marvin at rectangular.com
Sat Oct 15 12:57:56 CEST 2011

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 02:33:13PM -0400, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> Le 2011-10-11 à 11:37:00, Hans-Christoph Steiner a écrit :
>> I work to make sure that everything in Pd-extended is GPLv3 compatible. 
> [...]
>> Everything in Pd-extended is GPLv3,
> I think that it's better to remain picky in the manner of saying things  
> like that, and not confuse GPLv3 and GPLv3-compatible. You could be 
> saying something like « All licenses of all parts of Pd-extended are  
> GPLv3-compatible and it will remain like that ».


"Everything in Pd-extended is GPLv3" is simply incorrect.  License
proliferation within Pd is regrettable and sucks time and energy better spent
on other things, but asserting that everything is under a unified licensing
regime when that's just not true makes things *more* complicated, not less.

It is not in the interest of the project to create a situation where the
licensing of patches is contentious because a contributor was told something
that conflicted with the reality of how the files are licensed in the

> This causes less confusion than claiming things about a whole when people 
> don't know what the whole is supposed to mean.

Indeed.  It was a similarly expansive passage[1] earlier in this thread that
prompted me to request clarification regarding the status of contributions to
individual parts of Pd-extended (which was quickly forthcoming[2], thank you).

Had language such as "All licenses of all parts of Pd-extended are
GPLv3-compatible" been used instead, this thread might have been shorter. :P

Marvin Humphrey

[1] http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2011-09/091410.html
    "My personal thoughts on the license of what is in pd-extended.git are  
    more vague.  Yes, the intention is for much/most of that code to  
    contributed back to Pd, but my only distribution of the whole thing is  
    part of the Pd-extended package, which is GPLv3.  So if you want to be  
    sure, consider it GPLv3."

[2] http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2011-09/091422.html
    "As the maintainer and main author of the pd-extended.git, I will you  
    give you my assurance that the code under pd-extended.git is under a  
    BSD license."

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