[PD] very compressed chip sounds /Tira un péou a un asé sera tousten ostan pélut.

TAD BISAHA tadbisaha at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 20:59:50 CEST 2011

Hi all,
Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de...
What is this "Bouchardise"(french confectionery from Apt)??
My innocent joke (a joke is never completely innocent but ever 
dramatic)  with 4'33" take a strange way...What a serious and dramatic 
What is this list? A guy send to you a message, without courtesy, and 
speak in the same message to another guy before honouring you with 
insulting purposes?
Oh Mister Soares, if you find an instant of lucidity, thank for bringing 
me some precision about your motivations of this particular conflictual 
And thank for not using my name anymore to ejaculate your sourness.
I know, it is more really great to the kids to provide a public in their 
It is easier for a defined circle, a mass, to judge in a great hurry 
without trying to understand, to exchange.
But take  my personnal address for that: tadbisaha at gmail.com ou allez au 
Sentence applies to those who would feel concerned by a sweltering 
desire to accompany mister Soares directly or indirectly in the same 
Au plaisir

PS: And for the guys who think that the french spoken is the french 
native langage.
A good meaning  from Gascogne.:

-Tira un péou a un asé sera tousten ostan pélut.

glerm soares a écrit :
> ok.
> thanks matju for the comment, I got your point - it's very similar to 
> what  thought.
> About 4'33 I have I variation also;
> 0) Don't use a clock - try to measure the time with your time 
> subective impression,
> 1 min) Close Puredata & all the software, shut down the system, turn 
> off computer.
> 2 min ) Get out the room you are now
> 3 min) Walk
> 4 min ) Stop walking
> 33') Think about it.
> ------------

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