[PD] Reason for different keyboard behavior of vanilla numberbox and nbx (Number2)

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Mon Oct 17 21:30:15 CEST 2011

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> Le 2011-10-17 à 09:37:00, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>>  We are talking about "Run mode" behavior for numberbox, and in 
> "Run mode" <Return> doesn't mean "give up focus".  
> So there's no problem.
> Sorry, you're mostly right. I hadn't woken up yet.
> But note that Ctrl+click in Edit mode does give the focus to a numberbox for 
> edition, and then the numberbox does not give up focus on return.


I think that's fine, because that is quite simply the behavior of numberbox.  Just because the user
entered the numberbox through a transient "Run mode" with <ctrl-click> doesn't mean that 
the user only wants to enter only one value.

It would be the same for an object that was a Pd-ish implementation of a tk entry widget.  In 
"Edit mode" if you control-click the text area of the entry widget, it should give you a cursor 
and let you enter text, and do whatever it does when you click <Return>, because that's the 
"Run mode" behavior for that object.

If Pd started to have a large collection of GUI user input/edition objects which use <Return> 
as part of the input, it might be nice to add a standard key-binding to give up that object's 
"Run mode" focus. (Maybe <ESC>?)


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