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Le 2011-10-19 à 05:42:00, Dan Wilcox a écrit :

> 01. Technology and technical devices must be older than 3 years and 
> chosen according to the content, as opposed to function.

This means that you can't make your own custom devices.

If the artwork itself is considered to be a device, you can't make artwork 

> 03. If a computer is in use it must be a laptop or a mobile device. The 
> presentation of the work must be in a space within context of the 
> artwork.

It's very relative to context... micro-towers with external flatscreens 
can be much smaller and lighter than what used to be called portable 
computers. Do you want to be understood if/when the definition of portable 
changes again ?

> 06. No superficial interaction. Instructions must not be needed; Games 
> are not acceptable.

What's a game ? How do you tell whether something is one ?

> 07. Nothing is to be covered or hidden

A lot of stuff is hidden inside of computers, screens and other devices. 
the ALU is hidden inside of the CPU and the CPU is hidden between the 
mainboard and the heatsink, both hidden within the case. Which types of 
hiding are ok, and why ?

> 09. The artwork must be able to be turned on and off using a single 
> action.

That's not a dogma, it's common sense for gallery installations. Artists 
who don't do this pay the price for it, sooner or later.

> I sending this to you partly to promote discussion but also for the fact 
> that Anika is looking for feedback as this topic has become much tricker 
> then she ever imagined. It's like "nailing pudding to the wall...".

You might be surprised to learn that there are things called pudding that 
are nailable to the wall.

> If you have any ideas, insights, rants, raves, links, books, quotes, etc 
> you can visit her thesis site and comment on each rule (and it's 
> accompanying explanation): http://anika.deadbeat.cc/schema-d/

My big question is : who would follow such a list of rules ?

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