[PD] fx chaining without glitch

abel.jerome at free.fr abel.jerome at free.fr
Fri Oct 21 12:17:19 CEST 2011

I think you should :
1-create all fx objects you want with a send~/receive~ pair and an ID (like a $1) for each like : [s~ fx$1-out], [r~ fx$1-in]
2-create all receives~ [r~ fxID-out] and sends~ [s~ fxID-in]
3-connected them to a [mtx_*~] object from iemmatrix (or [mtx_mul~]) 
4-send messages to the matrix objects to make dynamic audio connections
5-bonus : use a switch~ inside each fx objects to turn off/on audio in parallel with matrix messages
6-test it, if it works say hurra, and send us the patch folder


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