[PD] coloring arrays

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 24 13:16:20 CEST 2011

yes, a data structures abstraction could make a "enhanced" array. I've  
made one once which was a step-controlled array in the y axis (which  
couldn't go outside the box limits as well). You can also look at my  
object jmmmp/bezier (or the audio version), which does a kind of similar  
idea, but not really what you want. Or Georg Werner's weird_stave.

> Data structures, maybe?
> But I guess it would be very inefficient for large arrays (you would  
> have to
> create an instance for each array element).
> And you need a separate subpatch to draw onto, to be able to add and
> substract elements easily.

anyway it doesn't make much sense to edit large arrays by hand - you need  
a large display to do it correctly. and if the display is that large, you  
can anyway add+remove points with no problem.
of course, data structures bring the normal small problems with them if  
you're using a graphical display, like slowness while dragging, etc.

> 2011/10/24 Jeppi Jeppi <jeppiot at hotmail.com>
>> I know the default array elements are not designed to build rich GUIs at
>> all, but still, that simple addition would help IMHO
>> Otherwise, any native-pd alternative?

anyway, a real-coded object would be a better solution in the long run.  
but it depends what you need it for, anyway.


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