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> On Oct 25, 2011, at 1:26 PM, Max wrote:
>>  Am 25.10.2011 um 19:10 schrieb Hans-Christoph Steiner:
>>>  On Oct 25, 2011, at 10:15 AM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
>>>>  Le 2011-10-25 à 12:19:00, Max a écrit :
>>>>>  So what is the situation now that expr could be LGPL instead of 
> GPL? What does that mean for things like the Apple App Store?
>>>>  In the end I'm not sure anymore that LGPL would be fine, even 
> though it does look like Apple ships with LGPL libs. (Though it's not 
> impossible they might have rewritten them just to avoid the license...).
>>>>  There's too much contradiction between comments about it on the 
> web, so, to sort out the subtleties, it would be best to ask the FSF about it.
>>>>  Well, you could ask Apple too. But I bet that the FSF will give 
> more attention to your question.
>>>  The problems are with software that ships from the Apple App Store, due 
> to the way that is managed and the Terms of Service. It is the management and 
> terms of service of the App Store that conflict with the GPL/LGPL.  Apple ships 
> lots of GPL and LGPL software as part of Mac OS X and iOS, but that does not 
> touch the Apple App Store, so they can be in complete compliance.
>>>  So Max, if you are interested in the Apple App Store, I think it is 
> incompatible with all FSF licenses, and perhaps all copyleft licenses.  The 
> short term answer is to ship your iOS apps outside of the App Store, and the 
> real fix is to get Apple to make their App Store compatible with copyleft 
> licenses.
>>  The question was asked by the author of expr - maybe I must re-phrase: Now 
> that IRCAM is okay with changing their license of parts of expr from GPL to LGPL 
> would that solve the issue of expr beeing used in the BSD vanilla in 
> applications like for instance RJDJ in the Apple App store? (Or respectively any 
> other use scenario where the choice of license imposes restrictions) If the 
> answer is yes, then Shahrokh can go ahead and change the licence, fixed. If the 
> answer is no, then a rewrite of expr to be fully BSD is probably the only 
> solution to solve this.

If someone rewrites it with a 3-clause BSD license, I hope they also address some of 
expr family's shortcomings.  The ones I know are 1) string concatenation with dollarsign 
variables doesn't work, and 2) all the expr objects have a Max-centric view of numbers 
that clashes with Pd's "everything-is-a-float" philosophy.  (If you don't understand 
what I mean, matju has written about it on the list and I've also documented it in the 
revised PDDP help patches for expr.)

> The Apple App Store is incompatible with the GPL and LGPL, from what I 
> understand.  Getting Apple to make their App Store compatible with the GPL and 
> LGPL is another much better solution since it will work for all GPL and LGPL 
> software.


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