[PD] Max 6 - Audio Quality...Pd?

Epic Jefferson jeffreyconcepcion at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 03:06:22 CEST 2011

I recently saw this video and I'm not quite sure what it means exactly, as I
personally didn't perceive any bothersome noise when working with max. But
when 64-bit audio support is mentioned and seeing the differences between
max 5 and max 6 in terms of this supposed improvement. I immediately thought
of "Where does Pd stand in all this?" I search puredata.info's documentation
and found that 64-bit support is being worked on in pd-vanilla since version
0.41 and


   all major known 64-bit bugs fixed in Pd-extended on GNU/Linux
   - complete 64-bit support for Pd-extended on Mac OS X except Gem"

Would anyone be so kind as to explain to me what this means in terms of
actual sound quality/performance/latency/stability/etc.?

And even more so, I have no clue what " 0.44 - support for using 64-bit
double numbers as the base number, see
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