[PD] any easy way to get data from 3 arduino (firmata) to one comport (pduino)?

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Wed Oct 26 13:47:29 CEST 2011

greetings.  i was wondering, any insight on taking the data from 3 arduinos
running firmata and dumping them, using xbee trancievers, to a single
comport in in pure data?

my project uses 3 xbee "transmitter" nodes which communicate directly with
its own xbee basestation"reciever"  at my computer.  this works but i seek
to refine the system to have one basestation xbee that will recieve all of
the data from the 3 nodes.  from what i understand of this process, i need
to add a tag like "left" in the arduino code" then parse that data on the
computer end.  but it seems as if this will break the arduino object.

my options, i feel, are to try to either add the tag, parse the data in pure
data before the arduino object and somehow send the parsed data to 3
instances of the arduino object or to attempt to rewrite the arduino
firmaware and the pd recieving abstraction since i dont foresee the hardware
configuration changing all that much.  insight?



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