[PD] HD video in GEM on Linux?

Iain Mott mott at reverberant.com
Wed Oct 26 18:40:32 CEST 2011

Hi list,

What is current status of HD video in GEM on Linux? From what I've read
in relation to the BlackMagic Intensity cards, it seems there's no
working solution. Is this correct?

I've been developing patches in Pd/GEM to mix a webcam video input with
SD mpeg files on disk and synchronise video playback with audio. Works
OK on my Linux laptop - but I need to upgrade the system to HD (both the
live video input and the compressed files on disk) and run it on a more
powerful machine.

Can this be done in Linux? Do i need to shift to Mac OS X or PC? I'd
prefer to stick with linux, but...

Advice please!


Iain Mott

Iain Mott

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