[PD] any easy way to get data from 3 arduino (firmata) to one comport (pduino)?

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On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 6:35 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at at.or.at>wrote:

> The Firmata protocol is built around a one device connection (it was
> written for Arduino-USB), so having multiple devices sending their data over
> a single serial port won't work with the Firmata protocol.

what about removing the comport in the arduino object and replacing with
with data from an abstraction that would parse all three data streams and
send the data that the comport would have sent were it there?  so it could
still have most of the guts of the arduino object intact but  where the
comport object was, would be a routed stream from an abstraction that would
send the patch the data it was expecting, sans comport object. then all
three streams could dump to this precursor object which would have the one
comport input from the xbee connected to the computer.

> I seem to recall that Xbees can send on different channels.  If so, I think
> the easiest thing to do is to have one xbee receiver per arduino, each on
> its own channel, and therefore one serial port per xbee.

thats what i am doing now.  it works ok, but I'd like to make the system
more efficient.  i dont have to do it right now.  this is just a project i
want to start getting my head around and would like to know the options.

> If you want to only have one receiver, you'll have to create your own
> protocol.  Perhaps an easy way to do that would be to wrap the existing
> Firmata protocol with some identifier of which arduino is came from.

yeah, its looking like that.  the good thing is that the system i designed
is stable, ie. i dont plan to make any major configuration changes in the
hardware for for quite sometime, so it would be feasible to just do simple
data sends to pure data and lock the config in.

> You could also look at the xbee object in the pure-data svn, its in
> externals/io/xbee.  But that also means no Firmata.

I didnt even know there was an xbee object!  going to download it now!
 thanks for the link.  i will check it out now!  cheers

> .hc
> On Oct 26, 2011, at 7:47 AM, onyx at onyx-ashanti.com wrote:
> greetings.  i was wondering, any insight on taking the data from 3 arduinos
> running firmata and dumping them, using xbee trancievers, to a single
> comport in in pure data?
> my project uses 3 xbee "transmitter" nodes which communicate directly with
> its own xbee basestation"reciever"  at my computer.  this works but i seek
> to refine the system to have one basestation xbee that will recieve all of
> the data from the 3 nodes.  from what i understand of this process, i need
> to add a tag like "left" in the arduino code" then parse that data on the
> computer end.  but it seems as if this will break the arduino object.
> my options, i feel, are to try to either add the tag, parse the data in
> pure data before the arduino object and somehow send the parsed data to 3
> instances of the arduino object or to attempt to rewrite the arduino
> firmaware and the pd recieving abstraction since i dont foresee the hardware
> configuration changing all that much.  insight?
> cheers,
> Onyx
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