[PD] OT: Poll: Csounds or SuperCollider or Chuck

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Wed Oct 26 21:20:39 CEST 2011

On Oct 26, 2011, at 2:45 PM, yvan volochine wrote:

>>> 1. How do they compare against each other?
> I only know a bit csound and am an everyday sc user.
> - I find csound oldschool syntax pretty boring but maybe that's just  
> me.
> - sc is a killer for realtime dsp.
> - sc-list is *extremely* active and helpful.
> ...
>>> 3. What sort of things can be achieved in these programs that  
>>> can't be
>>> achieved in Pd, if any?
> polyphony in pd is a nightmare, you get it for free in sc:
> // 128 sine waves with random freq mixed down to stereo:
> { Splay.ar(SinOsc.ar({ExpRand(100, 5e3)} ! 128)) }.play

Have you tried nqpoly4, polypoly, or the 'many' lib?  It is quite easy  
to do polyphony with any of them.



>> Ah, csound works well in all plattforms, last time I checked (some  
>> years
>> ago) SC only runs best in mac (mainly for graphic elements?), and I
>> couldn't get it running in ubuntu.
> this is not true anymore (since a couple of years :)
> you now have ubuntu packages, and a bunch of very talented linux  
> developers (some of them might be very familiar to you BTW)
> right now, one could say that sc development version works actually  
> better on linux =)
> (downside for sc is the lack of win devs)
> also, you might have a look (and listen) there to have an idea about  
> sc power (this is close to some recent threads on this list, about  
> writing compositions with the less number of objects possible. here  
> sc oneliners limited to 140 characters):
> http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/sc140/
> (advertising-mode off) best is of course to try them all and see for  
> yourself !
> my 0.02£..
> cheers,
> _y
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