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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Oct 30 17:29:28 CET 2011

Le 2011-10-20 à 20:26:00, stéfan piat a écrit :

> ah, I see there is a possibility to collect the mousewheel data with 
> gridflow,(to collect the mouswheel on windows is my real problem in 
> fact)

It could depend on which subsystem of GridFlow you use, but all the ones I 
remember do support the wheel on the platforms I remember testing them on.

In output windows, it means [#out x11], [#out quartz], [#out sdl].

[#out window] in an alias for one of the above three.

There is also [gf/mouse_spy] which gets mouse activity in the patch window 
that it is put in, and that one doesn't support mousewheel, because it 
doesn't go very far in circumventing Pd's limitations, so, it doesn't do 
much more than what Pd externals are allowed to use.

[#mouse] is a filter that can be used to postprocess the 'position' 
messages output by all of the above, to give easy-to-use info. It provides 
simple mousewheel info from all the producers of 'position' messages that 
actually include mousewheel data.

> or a little trick to use [#mouse] without having to create a window?

that's what [gf/mouse_spy] does, but doesn't have mousewheel support. It 
could if Pd were modified to provide info. I could create another big hack 
in which GridFlow modifies part of Pd at load-time, but it tends to be 
frowned upon.

> to make an "invisible" window as I already have a gemwin fullscreen)

[gf/mouse_spy] can not apply to [gemwin]'s mouse activity (even as 
invisible window).

GridFlow's query_pointer message can get you the state of the mouse no 
matter where it is, but it only works in X11, and apparently, mousewheel 
info is always missing from that, too.

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