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Mon Oct 31 15:49:48 CET 2011

i just called a couple of apple numbers.  first one had me on hold for 10
minutes so i  gave up, 2nd one was useless.

BUT third one was a rather helpful lady whose name i now have and she has
issued me a 'case number' so my question is now listed in their system at
least, so hopefully i can get the 'yay or nay' from apple on LGPL code in
iOS applications.

Also, i have already contacted a friend who works for a company making high
profile iOS applications, and from what he is saying LGPL is OK.
it seems the main problem with plain GPL is that apple doesn't want to
release their own surrounding code, which the GPL would force them to do.
As far as i can see, LGPL doesn't have this strict requirement.  You just
need to make the LGPL part available to anyone who wants it.

Will keep hammering away here.  LGPL sounds like it might be a better
option, but i still reckon if **Mr Yadegari is in favour of BSD, then that
would be the best outcome.
Personally i'd be happy to donate a couple of hundred dollars even to see a
unified license for PD, but as this thread has shown, it sounds like i may
get hippies camping on my lawn waving their GPL flags and trying to bum my

Just casually browsing through a bunch of PD patches this afternoon though,
[expr] and especially [expr~] are undeniably useful and show up in so many
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