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Mon Oct 31 16:20:33 CET 2011

also, i think i am going to get slapped around the face again for this,

but how impossible would it be to get IRCAM to grant a BSD license for the
certain section of code used in [expr] ?

i know people here are going to disagree, and yes, i can see your point,
but look at this:

"jMax is a new implementation of the MAX software written originally by
Miller Puckette at Ircam."

surely that means something???

i still think a license tweak is going to be a much more feasible option
than having the [expr] code re-written

maybe i should just drop this?  as i said in an offshoot thread, there's no
personal benefit here for me here.  I just use pd on my own computer at
home right now, so even if i want to sample the entire metallica back
catalogue and set it to copyrighted videos of madonna, no one is going to
care.  However, i just know from my experience doing an iPhone app 2,
nearly 3 years ago, that if i could have used [expr~] it would have been a
lot smoother.
A unified license, at least for vanilla PD seems like the way to go
though.  I know [expr~] is an external, and from what people are saying
about float handling and whatnot, it sounds like it should stay that way;
but it has been part of the standard pd distribution for over 10 years now,
and it just seems like it'd all be cooler if it were one package, one
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