[PD] Interruption of audio / Loading sound into array

Sebastian Hanusa sebastian.hanusa at gmx.de
Mon Oct 31 18:37:14 CET 2011

Dear List!

I have a problem, where hope the solution is so easy as it is 
complicated for me to find a solution:

When I am loading a soundfile (about one 30 seconds, stereo, .aif, 
16bit/44100Hz) to an array and simultaneously I have a quite simple 
audio prozess like replaying a second soundfile with [readsf] + for 
example a delay and a bandbass I get in the moment of loading to the 
array a dropout of the audio stream.

I tryed to switch off the patch within the array for the moment of 
loading - but I get the same result.

Is there a way to avoid this dropout?

I am working with pd_extended 0.42.5 on a MacBook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 
Duo, OS X 10.5.8

Thanks a lot for any help and with best regards,


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