[PD] [PD-dev] help compiling pd 0.43 on Windows 7

katja katjavetter at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 13:58:01 CET 2011

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 12:07 PM, Patrice Colet <colet.patrice at free.fr> wrote:

>> There's flags
>> -static-libgcc and -static-libstdc++, or you can include .dll's.
> I've also found out that externals would need theses flags during compile process,
> so maybe it would be better to include the dll.

Yes that's true.

>> Anyhow, I did 'make -f makefile.mingw clean' and compiled again, but
>> now suddenly missing files.... Those files must have been there while
>> the first build succeeded, no? I'll give it another try soon.
> which files?

All troubles were in the portaudio section, can not check exact errors
now as that machine is not mine. When compiling sources in Pd-extended
autobuild, g++ was called to build a C-file, probably pa_audio_wmme.c,
and exited on errors in the code. In Pd-double, makefile.mingw got us
through a complete build before I did the clean. When building again,
some portaudio file was reported to be missing. Next time I'll get a
fresh copy of the source and compare.


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