[PD] Interruption of audio / Loading sound into array

katja katjavetter at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 11:26:35 CET 2011

By coincidence I noticed an svn commit access request from Damian
Stewart, back in 2008, where he proposes to 'implement multithreaded
[soundfiler] read'
What has become of this? Is there any code from this project?

[readsf~] and writesf~] are threaded, they operate in a child process.
I guess it could not be otherwise? Because they do not intend to read
all samples at once. Looking at the code in d_soundfile.c, I can
understand why the whole of Pd should not be multithreaded. It is a
lot of overhead. But [soundfiler~] read is another exceptional case
indeed, it needs carefully scheduled loading if it is not to cause
buffer underruns elsewhere. Such loading in portions would also mean
the whole audiofile is not immediately available in memory. Therefore,
the result would somehow be equivalent to the
'[readsf~]-in-an-upsampled-patch'  trick. But, like Charles pointed
out, it is not trivial to find an optimum. I agree Pd should better do
this in C.


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