[PD] Interruption of audio / Loading sound into array

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Nov 4 17:21:42 CET 2011

Le 2011-11-04 à 11:26:00, katja a écrit :

> By coincidence I noticed an svn commit access request from Damian
> Stewart, back in 2008, where he proposes to 'implement multithreaded
> [soundfiler] read'

But (multi)threaded [soundfiler] had already been implemented in 2005 (or 
2004 ?) by Tim Blechmann.

This and other things didn't get accepted by Miller's branch. In the end, 
Blechmann decided to become a SuperCollider developer and apparently 
has stopped using pd.

His threaded [soundfiler] is not in 0.43 either.

> [readsf~] and writesf~] are threaded, they operate in a child process.
> I guess it could not be otherwise? Because they do not intend to read
> all samples at once.

No, they could read it with a single thread, but it would be bad for 
latency, because the process could be blocked while waiting for the 
harddisk, and on top of that, the non-blocking mode (of read/write) 
usually doesn't work for ordinary files (when I tried, it only worked on 
pipes and sockets and perhaps some other things, but not ordinary files).

> Looking at the code in d_soundfile.c, I can understand why the whole of 
> Pd should not be multithreaded.

Look for a branch named devel_0_39.

I don't find anything named like « threaded soundfiler » in the 
sourceforge tracker, so, it's possible that it hadn't submitted. But that 
might have been already the time at which we started to doubt that things 
submitted in the tracker forms were likely to be accepted.

> It is a lot of overhead. But [soundfiler~] read is another exceptional 
> case indeed, it needs carefully scheduled loading if it is not to cause 
> buffer underruns elsewhere. Such loading in portions would also mean the 
> whole audiofile is not immediately available in memory. Therefore, the 
> result would somehow be equivalent to the 
> '[readsf~]-in-an-upsampled-patch' trick.

If [readsf~]-in-an-upsampled-patch is really a good trick, I dare Miller 
to publish it as an abstraction with pd, which would be called 
soundfiler2.pd or similar.

But no abstractions at all are provided with pd, except demos in the 
tutorials. Which is weird for software in which most users rely heavily on 

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