[PD] how to capture window-related mouse-events when toxy is discontinued?

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Sat Nov 5 17:50:40 CET 2011

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> Le 2011-11-05 à 08:20:00, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>>  Well, if you threw a [tgl] into a subpatch or abstraction, got the object 
> chain that it's in working, then closed that window and the [tgl] no longer 
> passes messages, it is extremely likely that your patch will no longer work.
> Ok, you mean how [tgl] also does something without a GUI ?
> That's because many GUI objects aren't « purely GUI objects », whereas 
> Toxy allows you only to make GUI objects. This means that you have to wrap 
> nearly every use of Toxy inside some kind of abstraction, in order to provide 
> the extra features.
> It's not the best way to say it, though, because for example, most methods 
> of IEMGUI are for configuring GUI stuff such as colour and font size. Instead, 
> let's say that anything that you still want to work with -nogui has to be 
> implemented like that, and that principle also happens to apply to closed 
> subpatches, closed abstr-instances, ever and minimised windows.

I haven't worked much with the -nogui flag, but what's wrong with sending a 
[size 20( message to [tgl] in nogui mode?  I don't see an error message.

>>  At least that's what I remember the last time I used [widget].  It also 
> didn't [loadbang] properly which was annoying.
> The concept of [widget] is interesting, but I think that it needs to be redone 
> in some other way. Just like all the GUI.

I think they are two different levels of "needs to be redone"-- iemguis could be 
better but are consistent and functional.  [widget] is buggy, a bit confusing*, and 
inconsistent with most other gui objects.

* it's not actually tcl syntax, btw

> At this point, though, my opinion on how to do it has changed significantly 
> since the DD days, which is part of why I don't especially want to finish DD 
> (and this change of opinion also has to do with persistent patterns in bugs I 
> encountered).

Ah, ok-- then I won't bug you about DD. :)


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