[PD] Rép : PDGST - no pix_gst2pix... and building Gem 0.93 with mac OS 10.6

Xavier Garnier x.garnier at orange.fr
Sat Nov 5 21:29:22 CET 2011

Ok, thank you for all those issues. I've looked a bit deeper into the gem 0.93.1 I've compiled and I have noticed that, though all my patches work like with 0.92, the newest features (like pix_mano, pix_drum) were not compiled; for example, answering the "sudo make install" command, Terminal gives me many "Nothing to be done"s, like this part of the message :

Making install in Base
make[3]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am'.
test -z "/usr/local/include/Gem/Base" || ../.././install-sh -c -d "/usr/local/include/Gem/Base"
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 CPPExtern.h GemBase.h GemGLBase.h GemGluObj.h GemPathBase.h GemPixObj.h GemPixDualObj.h GemShape.h TextBase.h GemWindow.h GemContext.h '/usr/local/include/Gem/Base'

or this one :

Making install in pix_mano
make[3]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am'.
test -z "/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano" || ../.././install-sh -c -d "/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano"
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 LICENSE.txt pix_mano-help.pd '/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano'
test -z "/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano" || ../.././install-sh -c -d "/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano"
 /bin/sh ../../libtool   --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c   pix_mano.la '/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano'
libtool: install: /usr/bin/install -c .libs/pix_mano.pd_darwin /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano/pix_mano.pd_darwin
libtool: install: /usr/bin/install -c .libs/pix_mano.lai /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/pix_mano/pix_mano.la
same for pix_drum and co...

the thing is that I "Made" and "Made Install" Gem 0.93.1 without being able to ./configure (still because of that "Pd (Header) missing" message I don't understand and can't do anything about).
I'll try your solutions (re-installing pd-extended OS 10.6 package will give me a proper version of Gem 0.92) but I'm afraid I'll have to wait for your OS X version. By the way, the paradise would be an OS X package of a Pd-extended 0.43 with Gem 0.93 (and pdgst ;)) included  ! Oh and let's call it Pd-Extanded-TPX (To Please Xavier) !... I'm joking....
In fact, I'm really sorry not to have enough knowledge in Xcode, Unix, libs... (and all those stuff I respect definitely a lot but still can't really understand) to be really helpful to the community.

many thanks again anyway,


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Objet : Rép : [PD] Rép : PDGST - no pix_gst2pix... and building Gem 0.93 with mac OS 10.6

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On 11/04/2011 07:34 PM, x.garnier wrote:

> - get some informations here : http://gem.iem.at/documentation/faq/how-do-you-compile-gem-on-osx and then :

you definitely caught me on that.
i really must provide a download of 0.93.1 for OSX as soon as possible.
it's high on my todo list and hope to do it next week.

if you cannot wait that long, you could also try an older version of
pdgst (virtually the last change in there was basically supporting
Gem-0.93, which was done in rev.876)
so checking out revision 875 should give you a pdgst that can work with
Gem-0.92 (obviously you really have to run Gem-0.92 then)

$ svn co -r 875 https://svn.umlaeute.mur.at/svnroot/zmoelnig/projects/pdgst

or even better: i think i fixed the problem with 0.92 compatibility in
the newest SVN (so just update to at least rev.878)
it should allow you to compile against either >=0.93 or <=0.92

you will have to use the Gem version you used the headers from.


PS: and i couldn't test the code i just committed; so please report any

fgasd r
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