[PD] clear console command + create folder from Pd?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Mon Nov 7 22:53:26 CET 2011

On Nov 7, 2011, at 4:35 PM, João Pais wrote:

> Hi,
> is it possible to do the following in Pd?
> - clear the console with some command sent to [s pd] (not with the shortcut)

pd isn't really aware of the console, so you need to send a message to the GUI:


> - is there any object that allows to create a folder (in all OSs)? I wanted to save files to a non-existing folder, but Pd doesn't create one.

You could probably use Tcl's mkdir and send it to the GUI:

[file mkidr /path/to/mynewfolder(



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