[PD] Natty SPDIF samplerate 44.1k / 48k problem (OSS)

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Fri Nov 11 19:09:04 CET 2011

> Also, make sure that the Realtek chip does native 44.1...
> I feed my MOTU card from the SPDIF output of a Creative Audigy* and I had
> to change my workflow to 48k because the Audigy turned out to "fake" 44.1
> by constant upsampling/downsampling around its fixed-48k DSP.
> * because the FireWire connection is so fragile and the damn MOTU freezes
> all the time
> Andras

I used to have lots of sample rate problems with one of the older EMU cards
because of that sound chip (back with Windows 98).

It's a known problem with the Creative cards which is why I'm staying away
from them. They are set to a fixed rate of 48k. The Realtek actually
supports all standard rates up to 192k. Which means it simply can't be fixed
like the Creative cards.

Anyway, after finding the "PCM Default Playback Switch" and turning it on so
it follows the software's sample rate it works fine.


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