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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Nov 13 20:20:42 CET 2011

Le 2011-11-01 à 16:12:00, stéfan piat a écrit :

> is there a fullscreen method with [#out x11( ?  (or #out quartz)

No... I'd like to have a hardware scaler pretty soon though. Right now, 
the only way to access a hardware scaler is by going through GEM using 
[#to_pix]. In the case of SDL, I think that it uses a combination of 
changing the video mode and using hardware scaling and black borders, with 
a preference on avoiding hardware scaling. But I don't know much about 

> the shortcuts from [#out sdl( seems to not working there...

Then it means that SDL's full screen command does not work on OSX.

This page says it only works in X11 : 
And I don't think you can make SDL go through X11 on OSX, and I wouldn't 
bet that OSX's X11 supports the fullscreen commands.

> but I got the following error message by sending the message [out_size 1920 1080(
> error: [#io.x11 out] inlet 0 method out_size: shmget() failed: Invalid argument
> XErrorEvent: type=0x00000000 display=0x2014e00 xid=0x0000000b
> ... serial=0x000003ae error=0x00000084 request=0x00000084 minor=0x00000002
> (note: turning shm off)

Strange, I thought that it would only say that for much bigger windows, 
such as 4096x3072 and such. Maybe OSX has much lower limits of memory size 
for shmget() than Linux has. I wouldn't know how to increase that.

BTW, you have to swap the arguments to out_size. The number of rows 
usually comes before the number of columns in GridFlow.

> with others arguments (e.g. 1024 576) nothing happens...

I don't know why that would happen.

Also, I never use out_size because as it is, GridFlow always resizes the 
window to the same size. I expect that out_size will become more important 
if I enable hardware scaling in a future version.

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