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> The library template requires a README.txt, LICENSE.txt, and mylib-meta.pd for 
> all libraries.  Pd-extended also requires this.  The template Makefile enforces 
> this.  But there are many libraries that are not based on this template, so they 
> might not have these files. People are free to do whatever they want in 
> user-installed libraries, so at the very least, the search plugin should 
> gracefully fail when those files don't exist.

Right-- the icon just won't be displayed in that case.

> .hc
> On Nov 14, 2011, at 10:59 AM, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>       I'm trying to obsolete the help-browser with my search plugin.  
> I've added a clickable folder icon to each result which will open the 
> containing folder with the user's default file manager.  (Also, there are 
> homepage links for opening the libdir directory, Miller's tutorial folder, 
> and some others.)
>>       I've also got a little info icon which I thought would be nice to 
> bring up the README text file in Pd for the library of given search result.  Is 
> each libdir guaranteed to have a README.txt?  Is it guaranteed to be named 
> README.txt, or are there other names used?  Barring that, I could have it open 
> LIBNAME-meta.pd, and, barring that, I could just not to display the info icon.
>>  -Jonathan
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