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On 2011-11-14 23:07, Jean-Marie Adrien wrote:
> Hi list
> Ive just switched to GEM 93-3 on Mac, (needed surface3d that works great
> !) and Im not so familiar with the new implementation incidence :
> I used a driver (a component) that was in the Library/Quicktime folder
> to get videos through the DFG1394 analog/digital converter, (similar to
> the macam driver). All these drivers work fine on GEM 92, Os 10.5, 10.6,
> OS 10.7 It seems it doesn't work anymore with GEM 93 (Os 10.6).
> Any infos ?


the actual code has not changed so much, but now it is factored out into
separate files.
so in theory everything should still be working.

one major improvement is, that we now have a consistent interface
between all platforms (w32, linux, osx), that allows for enumerating and
setting of devices and device properties in a unified way.

i suggest playing a bit with the pix_video-help patch, with a focus on
the [enumerate( and [device( messages.

what do you get?

tyr running Pd with "-verbose -verbose", preferably from the cmdline,
and post the full output of both the Pd-console and the console. [1]


[1] something like
$ /Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -verbose -verbose
(without the trailing $, which is just there ti indicate the cmd prompt
of the terminal)
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