[PD] pd-gui update rate

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 15:18:17 CET 2011

Hi all

I would like some GUI elements in a patch to refresh with the highest
rate possible, but at the same time also as economic (in terms of CPU
usage) as possible. 

How can I know at which rate a Pd canvas is updated so that I can adjust
the gui update accordingly? 

Matju directed me to the respective parts in the source code, but I was
not able to make any sense out of it.

I've come so far yet:
In src/m_sched there is 'void sched_tick' which (afaict) runs the
'while' loop that runs the whole Pd DSP and GUI stuff. It seems that
every 5000 clock ticks, the whole GUI is refreshed (sys_pollgui()). But
how long is such a tick? Can someone make more sense out of it?


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