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Jack jack at rybn.org
Mon Nov 21 16:06:24 CET 2011

Le 21/11/2011 15:22, Matthias Moos a écrit :
> Dear PD-List
> I recently decided to get into gesture recognition for several 
> different performance-art purposes. one of them is for fireshows, 
> where i would like to be able to control events on my computer throug 
> the circling movements of torches.
> another one needs to be able to recognize simple gestures with the 
> hand like swyping, cyrcling etc.
> my question:
> has anyone worked with gesture-recognition? are there specific objects 
> or patches?
> tracking-wise i would use an infrared-cam or wiimote-ir for the fire, 
> for the hand-gestures maybe a normal webcam which films the hand only, 
> on the side of my body.
> big thanks for reading and any ideas or suggestions!
> greets, matt
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I know there is time delay neural network (TDNN) for this purpose. So 
you can get the ANN externals.
I know that it exists other methods but I have never tested them.


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