[PD] Rép : PDGST - no pix_gst2pix... PD 0.42.5/Gem 0.93.3/mac OS 10.6

x.garnier x.garnier at orange.fr
Mon Nov 28 00:23:38 CET 2011

Ok thank you you've found the clue.
I've got now a nice pix_gst2pix function working inside a beautiful pdgst library compiled against a great Gem 0.93.3 inside a fantastic PD 0.42.5...
it's seems easy but it's days racking my brains... see, you buy a mac saying you won't need to understand command lines and programming and finally you can't deal with the first unusual use of your computer, lazy man I was (am ?) ;)
great, now I reach the center of my desires : 
how can I manage to display a live webcam (not mine, e.g. a random one) only knowing its url ? is it just possible ?
do I need to use e.g. VLC to get it, what about an icecast server ? I don't know much about that domain though, that's why my hopes where in that pdgst library to modify webcams with gem...

thank you again Iohannes for your support on getting this thing to work anyway !

Le 27 nov. 2011 à 21:11, IOhannes zmölnig a écrit :

> On 11/27/2011 06:20 PM, x.garnier wrote:
>> (reminder : my aim : get live streaming webcams displayed into a gem window...)
>> Hello again,
>> I've made a mistake in the subject of my last message and I figure that's why I didn't get any answer (have a look below to my PD console starting message  please). I'm still having doubts about having installed PDGST propertly. When I open all of your tests patches pd can create all pdgst objects except dv1394src (linux ?), audio/x-raw and of course the one I would need : pix_gst2pix (and the reciprocal function).
> while i highly appreciate a proper subject, it was not the reason for
> not answering. i guess it was only so many emails you can write...
>> The "simple" thing I'm trying to do to begin with is to reproduce the patch displayed on page 4 of your PDGST.pdf document and even if I've understood that some functions are labelled differently now (such as pdgst_out~ or pix_gstin) it definitely seems that I need that pix_gst2pix to be able to get live streaming webcams displayed into a gem window...
>> I don't know what to do more...
>> - do you think it's a simple problem of loading libraries ?
> no
>> - should I need to check if I've Gstreamer properly installed ? (how can I ?)
> i don't think it's the problem. as long as you can create e.g.
> [videotestsrc], gstreamer is fine.
>> - should I need to check if some of the test patches work ? (which one should definitely work ? how can I test it ? I don't completely understand each one of them)
> hmm, i don't have PdGST installed on my machine here, so i cannot
> properly answer that question.
> iirc, there should be an example that does not involve Gem, but only
> gstreamer objects. that should work,
>> - should I need to reinstall everything (like pd 0.43 for example) ?
> no.
>> I'm kind of lost by now... sorry about it,
> i don't think its is your fault at all.
>>> /Users/musique/Library/Pd/pdgst/src/gem/pix_gst2pix.pd_darwin: dlopen(/Users/musique/Library/Pd/pdgst/src/gem/pix_gst2pix.pd_darwin, 10): Symbol not found: __ZN11imageStruct7fromRGBEPh
> this basically means that you have PdGST compiled against a different
> version of Gem as you are using.
> Gem (>=0.93) has "imageStruct::fromRGB(const char*)", whereas your error
> indicates that pix_gst2pix was compiled against a Gem that has
> "imageStruct::fromRGB(char*)".
> make sure to point pdgst to the Gem sources that come with the 0.93.3
> binaries (they should be in Gem/dev/ or so)
> gfmar
> IOhannes

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