[PD] audio to arduino to PD, back to audio

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Mon Nov 28 23:09:49 CET 2011

Greetings.  I wanted to see if something is possible.

I realized that most of my vocalizations in my system are for the vocoder.
 I am trying not to add too much to the hardware configuration of my system
so i have been entertaining the idea of using an electret microphone
amplified to send its signal to an analog pin on my arduino then transmit
that into pure data. I would like to have the frequencies register as
voltages.  i do not know if this is possible. I dont know much about the
mechanics of how this process would work but i theorize that i should be
able to create a means of converting the PWM signal from the arduino, back
to something audio-ish, in PD.  any insight would be much appreciated.


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