[PD] pix_openCV binaries for OSX 10.6.8

Peter Venus news at petervenus.de
Tue Nov 29 18:29:40 CET 2011

Hello List!

while we had our Patching circle here in Graz last week, 
we discovered on some Problems and  found a solution when compiling pix_openCV against PD-extended and GEM 0.93.3,
which we like to share (Maybe these problems are trivial to some, for us they weren´t ;-) ).

We found a Problem in configure.ac, where the following line needs to be uncommented:

dnl AC_CHECK_LIB(cv, cvSobel, , AC_MSG_ERROR(you need to install opencv library (libcv))) 

another problem was hidden in the makefile, where

CPPFLAGS need to be set to CPPFLAGS += -DDARWIN -arch i386

After these changes, we where able to compile pix_openCV successfully.

A zip with the compiled binaries for OSX 10.6.8 (intel), PD-ext 0.42.5 and GEM 0.93.3
can be downloaded here: 

Another small issue: in the help-files, one needs to insert [pix_rgba] after [pix_film] or [pix_video]
since it seems that the [colorspace RGBA(-message (sent to the film/video) does not seem to work.

All the original sources for pix_openCV are available from
and the openCV-Framework for OSX can be found on

Peter & Seppo

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