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Hi, Eleanor

- make sure to use the latest pix_multiblob from recent Gem Git as the
older version doensn't work properly for blobs greater than 10.000 pixels
(eg, 100x100).

- not sure I understood your question, actually. isn't that 'argument'  the
maximum number of blobs? also, the minimum blob area can be set and is a
very useful filter.

- note that detection of a blob, which is what pix_multiblob does, is not
the same as tracking. Traking inolves detecting consistent blob id's across
frames, which is not done in pix_multiblob. Ways to do tracking would
involve combining pix_multiblob with color detection (like the new
pix_colorclassify), the color being the consistent id itself, or just being
used as part of a blob similarity function based on things such as such as
color histograms (pix_opencv_meanshift would be a standard tracking
approach along those lines).

hope this helps,

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011, Eleanor Stewart <eleanorstew at gmail.com>
> Thanks Hans,
> Yep, I've been working my way through the 'help' patches.
> I'm currently exploring pix_multiblob but it's not tracking as I thought
it would.
> When it has an 'argument' to track 2 (or more) 'blobs', it still only
tracks 1 'blob'.
> Does anyone know if it's 'argument' value only relates to the amount of
representations that can be applied to 1 'blob' being tracked?
> Thanks,
> mz_multiblob ^^


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