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On 2011-11-30 04:14, Ricardo Fabbri wrote:
> Hi, Eleanor

> - not sure I understood your question, actually. isn't that 'argument'  the
> maximum number of blobs? also, the minimum blob area can be set and is a

so if you say you want to track "10" blobs, and there is only 1 blob in
your image, [pix_multiblob] will still only output a single blob.

i think the main problem people are having with [pix_multiblob] is that
it outputs the detected blobs as a "matrix", as used by the "iemmatrix"

attached is a small abstraction that will convert the output of
[pix_multiblob] to lists, which might be easier to handle for you.
(actually there are 2 abstractions, the one in iemmatrix/ depends on the
iemmatrix library, the other one is pure vanilla; they should do the
same but the latter might be a lot slower with larger matrices)

> - note that detection of a blob, which is what pix_multiblob does, is not
> the same as tracking. Traking inolves detecting consistent blob id's across
> frames, which is not done in pix_multiblob. Ways to do tracking would

there is also a simplistic tracker example that comes with Gem (and
again depends on iemmatrix) that uses a simple algorithm for labelling
blobs, based on the assumption that blobs move as little as possible:
it's called [pix_blobtracker]

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