[PD] pd~ not helping, any hints?

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 19:06:47 CET 2011

Hi folks.

Now that pd~ works well for me. I'm sad to see it is not doing what I hope
it would. Maybe I could send the patch, but it's simple so I think there's
no need.

What it does is that it takes a snapshot of the spectrum and does pretty
extensive calculations with it, gets combinations of the lists' elements,
does transpositions, plots a graph over 1200 points, bla bla bla.

When I do it on my patch, Pd just freezes completely, the audio stops, and
it then waits until all of this is over to come back to life. It usually
takes around 10 seconds!!!

I thought that if I put all of this in a separate patch under [pd~] that it
would do all it had to do without killing the audio in the parent/super
patch. But Nothing Changes!

I figure it must be related to the "attention" in the help files, which
says something like: "subprocess' clock is slaved to audio I/O it gets from

In other words, the clocks are in sinc. So if one stops, the other waits.

is that it???

If so... no way around to change this with [pd~], right?

But would it be possible to review this and maybe allow it for future

So then, how is it possible to have a separate process, in a separate core,
with an independent clock?

- Use separate computers? - Just open another actual Pd and send messages
to it via net objects?

Thanks a lot.
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