[PD] pd~ not helping, any hints?

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> Le 01/12/11 19:06, Alexandre Torres Porres a écrit :
>>  So then, how is it possible to have a separate process, in a separate core, 
> with an independent clock?
>>  - Use separate computers? - Just open another actual Pd and send messages 
> to it via net objects?
> Hello Alex,
> Yes the easiest way is to have two different instances of pd running and to 
> communicate (some) data values using netsend / netreceive on localhost.
> Depending of what you do (is there some Gem?), it is usually said it helps to 
> have the audio process in one pd and the other only doing the computing and 
> displaying in Gem.
> Having two instances of pd is trivial under linux (just start another pd in the 
> terminal), in osx i only know one way: you have to duplicate the whole Pd app 
> and rename it,

OSX has a terminal, doesn't it?  Can't you just start one pd followed by &, then 

> in windows i don't know.

In Windows it's also trivial-- just open another instance of Pd from the start menu, 
command line, .bat file, or whatever.

> good luck
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