[PD] Any useless/fun gui plugins around?

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> Le 2011-12-02 à 03:44:00, Dan Wilcox a écrit :
>>  I was showing a friend the new pd gui plugins and he suggested one that 
> causes the patch wires to vibrate/wiggle based on the amount of messages being 
> sent. How hard would it be to code such a plugin?
> You need modifications in the centre of the interpreter of pd to first have a 
> trace of all the messages. This will necessarily need recompiling pd.

What about a gop abstraction with a hsl showing? Just pass the message through 
and trigger a bang to animate the vsl back and forth, have it decay at some rate.  
Replace the hsl with a data structure curve with three coordinates, and you've got 
yourself a "pluckable" patch wire.


> For plain users who want this already compiled, they'd need some kind of way 
> to pick the correct executable at startup : choose either the regular «fast» 
> interpreter (well, at least faster than the other) or the interpreter that 
> constantly reports to a special kind of plugin (checking whether any such 
> plugins are active still slows down the interpreter).
> The 2nd interpreter allows for a plugin that counts the number of messages or 
> total size of messages, or a plugin that prints all messages to a file, or print 
> backtraces for every error message, and perhaps a lot of other things (though 
> probably not a stepping-debugger, for example... you can't be pausing pd 
> while still clicking around).
> BTW, Pd has already two interpreters... I'm talking about two possible 
> variants of the message-interpreter, because you are talking about messages, but 
> there is also a signal-interpreter, which would have to be modified if you also 
> wanted runtime stats on that.
> There may be other ways of doing similar things using tricks like making 
> invisible patchcords to hidden objects that aren't even in the patch, but to 
> me it doesn't sound any easier than modifying the centre of the 
> message-interpreter (m_class.c and stuff).
> What does the patchcord inspector do, to get its data ? I didn't look at it.
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