[PD] install Pd on ubuntu without internet; video-playback codec windows?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Dec 6 20:29:31 CET 2011

Le 2011-12-06 à 19:51:00, IOhannes m zmoelnig a écrit :

> $ dpkg -x pd.deb .
> alternatively
> $ ar x pd.deb
> $ tar xvzf data.tar.gz

But dpkg -x doesn't run any scripts after unpacking, right ? At least, 
ar/tar does not run scripts for sure.

Does the pd package contain any setup scripts ? But more generally, many 
packages do, and it would be good to know how to install them. E.g. if the 
pd package has any dependencies that aren't installed and that root 
doesn't want to install... there must be at least one of them that needs 
to run some kind of script ?

Have you tried stuff involving --admindir and/or --root but not -x ?

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