[PD] Patching-Circle Graz, 14.12.2011

Peter Venus news at petervenus.de
Fri Dec 9 13:57:52 CET 2011

Dear All!
on Wednesday, 14th of December, the next Patching-Circle Graz will be held.
We invite everybody, who is interested in Puredata, Processing, Supercollider etc.
to attend and to share ideas, thoughts and problems.
For this Patching-Circle we invited Jogi Hofmueller to do a short presentation of his Python-program "OSC-satellite",
a tool that calculates satelite data from two-line-elements provided through celestrak
( http://celestrak.com/NORAD/elements )
and outputs the data via OSC. This data then can be used to control sound and media installations.
The program was developed within the mur.sat project, which will launch a nano-satellite dedicated to
arts in 2012.
( http://sat.mur.at ).
After the presentation, we will experiment with the program, work on own stuff, chat and have some cold drinks.
The Patching-Circle will be at
14.12.2011, 19°°
CC, ESC im Labor, 2nd floor 
Jakoministr 16
8010 Graz

cheers, peter

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